Here’s a story of one of my most crazy Travel Adventures ever… So my boyfriend Ryan and I were traveling the West coast this past summer and made a quick stop in San Francisco before we took a Grey Hound to Sacramento to visit Ryan’s Grandma’s Sister, so keep in mind we had all our bags with us exploring San Francisco.

In front of the Full House!

So we get off the plane and went to visit the Seven Paint Ladies and the Full House because Full house was a big part of my childhood!


Anyways so Ryan and I had been traveling for a while and we are a couple so we do get into arguments and I really wanted to go to this Swing that I found on Pinterest!!! But Ryan wanted to go to the normal view so we got into a little argument and both got into cranky moods… but we got to Kobey Cove which is on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge. 

This photo was taken when we got to Kobe Cove and WE WERE ON THE TRAIL!!! Okay so I say that we were on the trail in this photo because literally like not kidding 3 minutes later were off trail and lost! We were walking and saw two girls coming up a little cliff and I thought to myself, “OH! They must be coming from the swing!” So Ryan and I went down the cliff. I fell in the clay for the first time and we ran into an abandoned building with Graffiti walls… Honestly would of been really cool for some Instagram photos. I immediately was like okay I think we are lost but the article I was read had a photo of this Graffiti abandon house.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.55.57 AM.png
A clip from my vlog!

Ryan and I asked each other “Should we keep going” and we kept saying “we did not come this far for nothing”…. SO WE KEPT ON WALKING THROUGH THIS FOREST!!!


We kept walking down step inclines to when we reach a Cliff and a dead end.

At this point I was about to cry and I pretty much was crying and thought we were never going to go back home. We were about to call 911 and say please find us but of course we knew we would figure it out.

We then heard noises and then cheers of girls so we kept walking around to find out where they were it was a sign of relief but at the same we were like how the heck are we going to get down from this Cliff so we literally slide down our luggages down and then we slide/ rock climbed our way down and finally made it to the highland beach!!!


It was so awkward to look at the people’s face who were on the beach just watching us struggle… I could imagine them thinking “where the hell did they just come from?” lol

So in total we were lost from about an hour in the middle of the woods cliff thing with no signal, water or food… only left with a few cuts and an amazing view.

And when we got down Ryan and I literally sat on a log and hugged each other as this literally tested our relationship to the max. We have never been in a situation like that before and we think it was God testing us after getting into a little fight and reminding us to appreciate things and each other more!!!


My advice is research trails before you decide to make your own haha and if you want to go to this swing the trail is long but an easy trail and an amazing beach is at the end!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!!! Watch the Vlog here to visually see our trip to San Francisco!

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San Fran bridge
San Fran beach 2
San Fran beach


  1. Awww I love this story so much! I didn’t love that you got lost😂 however, I think the whole point of the story was kind of cool and inspiring. The fact that you guys were arguing, then you got lost. It showed each other that you needed to work together to be able to work together to get yourself out of situations like this and not let stupid little fights get in the way of what letters most, each other❤️. I really appreciate you sharing this story with us! It’s definitely one I will always remember! Bythe way, you and Ryan are so meant to be😍 Love you both!😘


  2. It’s called Kirby Cove and I have no idea how someone could get lost as there is only one trail to hike down from the main road. I’m glad you were okay though because the coastal cliffs are really dangerous and people have to get rescued all the time- not from that exact area though because it’s a really secluded beach since it’s a mile hike where only the people renting one of the 4 camping sites are allowed to drive down. No other cars besides them.


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