It is okay to admit that sometimes we all need to treat ourselves!!! Here is how I treat myself every now and then!

First thing I do is SHOP!!! This time I treated myself to a WATCH!!! If you do not know I love watches and getting watches, as my Grandpa worked as a watch repairman his whole life and every year he would give us a watch for special occasions! This time I thought I would spoil myself with not just any kind of watch but a JORD WATCH!


So first let’s talk about the box for the WATCH!!! It is all made with wood and it gorgeous and can be used for many things!!! It even has a secret little draw in the front so you can add other jewelry too!!!

Andrea watch 3

Now let’s talk about the watch!!! It is all handmade with wood and is measured and created custom for you! I choose the Frankie- Purpleheart & Plum and I am so happy with it! It is perfect for spring since spring is all about color!!! My favorite part about this watch is how I was able to add a personal engraving to the back of the watch!

For other Women’s Watches

For other Men’s Watches

Andrea watch 2

Of course I engraved “Be you and Be happy” as my daily reminder!

I am so happy to say that JORD gave me the opportunity to give you guys a chance to win $100 for your own JORD watch!!!

This contest will close on MARCH 4TH and your 10% off will too! SO ENTER NOW!!!

Andrea watch 1

Another way I treat myself is with ICE CREAM!!! If you know me I love Ice cream!!! and we have a rolled ice cream place super close to my house, so I always treat myself to ice cream every now and then or maybe like almost every day…. lol

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The last way I love to treat myself is by relaxing and playing with my puppy everest! I am always busy if it is with story, life or traveling I feel like I never get enough time to just sit down and be with him!

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

Thank you for reading!

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