Ever wonder how Ryan and I met and when? Here are all the details!!!

I noticed I haven’t announced on the blog besides in my IceLand Blog that we are OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! I feel like I never really talk about how Ryan and I met and our love story… so sit back relax and enjoy the ride down memory lane.



So May 2011 I was just graduating Middle School and was super interested into Marching Band. I actually really wanted to be a drum major. So at my high school they had this month event called Maydays, where 8th graders would come in and test out marching band for a week to see if they would enjoy it. During Maydays on the last day we were on the courtyard marching with the actual high schoolers when Ryan was behind me and said I bounced a lot when I did my back step. He said “I’m gonna call you bouncy” and I just remember thinking okay… Later Ryan finds me on Facebook and gave me his phone number. At this time, I was 13 and I had recently broken up with a boy in middle school that was super unhealthy. But I just remember telling all my friends I would NEVER go out with Ryan that he was so nerdy and desperate. Everyone knew that we would end up together. So on June 23rd, 2011 Ryan asked me to go out with him.


This was my Freshman and Ryan’s Sophomore Year in Marching Band!!! Can you spot us?

June 23rd, 2011

I began going out with Ryan but it only lasted three days. My parents found out that I was going out with Ryan and did not want me to be with him so I broke up with him on June 26th, 2011. Ryan and I remained friends and I started talking to other people but kept finding my way back to Ryan. There was even a moment where I was telling people I didn’t like Ryan but then I saw him hanging out with this girl at the beach and I got super jealous and knew I just had to stop being a baby and go out with him so he would only be mine.

August 1st, 2011

On August 1st, after months of talking and hanging out, Ryan asked me to be his Eight One Eleven. I remember it was like 11 something at night when he asked but I of course said YES! now at this time my parents still did not know I was going out with this boy but after two months of knowing we were talking and hanging out they finally said “Ryan seems like a nice boy it is okay for you guys to go out and little did they know we already were lol.


The first photo on this blog is the first time we went out on a date which was a bowling alley right by my house that everyone in my high school went to. We went with my three friends at the time and when my mom came to pick me up Ryan introduced himself to my mom. It was so awkward haha Ryan was barely 15 so he still had a little boys voice that was super squeaky. If you do not know Ryan is also very tall but at the time he was still smaller haha

His First Time he came to my house

first timeathouse

The photos in the background of this photo are the photos we took from the first time Ryan came over to my house. We were so young his mom even came over to introduce herself to my family and I. Back to the good ole days when we were so young that we were only allowed to be in the living room haha Ryan and I seriously became inseparable.


OMG our first kiss was after a marching band practice, late at night in the courtyard and we both kinda went for it but after we kissed Ryan got so nervous and happy that HE LITERALLY RAN AWAY!!!! Like it was cute but was like uhhhh okay then….

But anyways this is the story on how we met and how we started to go out. Almost seven years later and we are less than a year away from being college graduates and engaged!!! We will be documenting everything from now on to the wedding on the blog and on my youtube channel ANDREA M JARA. SO GET EXCITED BECAUSE I AMMMMMM!!!!!



Our first new years together

new yeasr 2new years



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2 thoughts on “OUR LOVE STORY/ WE ARE ENGAGED!!!”

  1. Aw I always wanted to know your love story and I read the whole story letting some “aww” out 😂 you’re so goals and so inspiring, some parts were funny too 😂 I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOUUUUUUU


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