Hey everyone!!! As most of you know I am getting Married next year!!! However, it is never to early to take care of yourself!!!

Smile brillant 3

I began whiting my teeth with Smile Brilliant!

It is super unique and not like any other teeth whiting kit. You first create a mold of your teeth with the Catalyst and Base.P1340679


Mix the two together, it brings you back to the preschool days when you used to mix all the play-dough colors together haha.


I look so gross but I do not think you are supposed to look cute while doing this haha I used to have braces for 6 years and always remember doing this at the dentist haha. Anyways you will just put the tray in your mouth I took turns doing the top and the bottom and put the 3 min time watch on so you know when you are done.


After 3 mins or 6 mins all together you are done and Smile Brilliant provides you an envelope and postage for you to send your molds to get your custom fitted whitening trays created and shipped back to you so you can begin WHITENING!!!!P1340719


Smile Brilliant offers you loads of whitening and desensitizing gels. Each syringe can be used 3 times as you only need a small layer on each tray.

You can whiten your teeth for 45 mins – 3 hours at a time! Then desensitize for 20 mins. Tooth sensitivity is common with whitening, so this is recommended!

TEETH BEFORE AND AFTERThis is only after one use and I only did it for an hour!!! I will keep you updated on my teeth whitening journey on my Instagram @jaraandrea

Also, check out more teeth whitening results from using Smile Brilliant!

I would recommend this teeth whitening kit to anyone and everyone!



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