Wedding Save The Dates UNDER $100

Our wedding is a little over 7 months away!!! That means Save the dates should be sent out within the next month. I began researching for the best inexpensive ways to create save the dates and here is everything I bought and did for my save the dates.

Where I bought my Save the Dates:

I went to every wedding invitation website and everything was SO expensive… I should probably say also I am not sponsored by ANYTHING posted in this blog I just seriously loved all my purchases. I finally found a website that was also running a sale called Simply to Impress

I paid $58 for 62 save the dates with the envelopes, the save the dates and shipping! That is so insane! I felt like I won the lottery as on other sites I tried to order from were $150-200 just for save the dates. I want to use my money for other things in the wedding and wanted to save money on paper and I was so impressed with the quality as well with the quality of the invitations. They even came in a super cute box and not just a cardboard box where you felt like you just bought a box of envelopes but something more personal. I will purchasing my Invitations for the wedding from this site as well!

Address Stamp:

I did not want to have to write my home address over and over again on every envelope so I went to esty and found a stamp for $12.90 with shipping. It did take 2 weeks to get but totally worth the wait! I also did the inkless one just because I find those easier but here is the link to the shop I bought it from Totally worth getting one and I had fun stamping haha Its is also SO cute!!!


I felt since I just got plain white envelopes I wanted to add a little touch to them so I was scrolling through etsy and found these super cute stickers and put them on the back of my envelopes to secure the closure of the envelopes! They add such a cute touch and it is the little things that make people excited! Here is the link for the stickers I bought 60 for $11.17

The one struggle I have with Save the dates is getting everyone’s addresses, I created a google doc to keep them all in but how does one ask so many people for their address haha

I hope these tips or links help you with your future wedding or save the dates. Again this is literally from my heart and experience. Happy wedding planning and do not forget to be you and be happy.

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