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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my Blogs where I want to share more of what I have learned! Today’s topic is… Podcasts! If you do not know my husband and I recently started a Podcast! Our Podcast name is FYLO, short for “Figuring Your Life Out.” Because we are a young married couple slowly figuring ours lives out together.

Before starting my podcast I always thought it would cost loads of money. Do not get me wrong, you can invest into your Podcast as much as you want to but you do not have to if you are just getting started. So that is why I am going to tell you, how you can start a Podcast of your own with zero dollars!

So first, Write down a Podcast Plan. What Topics will you talk about? Are these topics that you can come up with a new podcast every week. Will you do weekly podcasts, monthly, or daily? You can write out your podcast plan and this will help you with step 2.

Step 2, you want to come up with your Podcast name! Think of something unique, relatable and can picture it on Merchandise. If you love it stick with it! However, you then want to make sure their are no other Podcasts with the same name!

Once you have your name you want to create a cover photo for your podcast! This is what you will see when you upload your podcast and what they will stare at while listening to your podcast. This is something you can invest money into if you would like too. Ryan and I decided we wanted to invest into this, as we wanted it to be something BOLD. So we decided to support a friend and a local artist @barsnetti on IG! HE IS AMAZING AND SO SO TALENTED IN HIS CRAFT! However, You do not have to spend anything for this cover photo. You can go to photoshop and draw something or any adobe app honestly… or use and create a completely free photo to use as the cover.

Next, you have to decide where you want to host your Podcast! There are so many options. If you decide you want to also film your podcast, Youtube would be your main source to upload video Podcasts. However, keep your eyes open and ready as Spotify is going to start to using video podcasts. But for now audio podcasts can be hosted on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Etc. Ryan and I use Anchor! Anchor is like the one stop shop for podcasts. You just have to tell Anchor where you want it to be uploaded and BOOM you are done. You can add music and edit directly in Anchor as well! It is amazing!

So now you have a name, cover photo, a hosting site and now you need to start RECORDING!!! The best and most exciting part of having a Podcast!

So you may be asking me, “Andrea, don’t you need a $100S worth of Microphones to start a Podcast?” The answer is no! You can use what you have and use everyday… Your Phone! Yes you can record on your Phone using Voice Memos! We’ve tested the quality of a Mic and our iphones and found it so much easier to record on our iPhone than it was on the Mics and honestly the quality sounds almost the same if not better. Once we are done recording I do take the mp3 file and put it into Adobe Audition and put a MutiCompressor called Broadcast on the mp3 file. I feel like this adds to the already good quality and just makes it clearer and better! Again, it is not needed but it is what I do.

So once you have a name, a cover photo, hosting site, and started recording… It is time to post your first Podcast!!!

If you are just starting your Podcast! Have fun, be yourself and get excited to start a community of listeners. Make sure to Comment on this blog post what your Podcast name is so we can all listen and DM me on IG @Jaraandrea and @Fylopodcast . Can not wait to listen to them all! I truly believe Podcasting is the new wave of entertainment and education.

Hope you learned something new from this and do not forget to be you and be happy!

FYLO (Figuring Your Life Out)- Episode 6- College and is it worth it? 6 FYLO (Figuring Your Life Out)

We had our first special GUEST on this Podcast Episode, Andrea's Dad! We talk all about College. Our experiences, Regerts, My Father having a child who went to college and kids who have chosen not to go to college and his beliefs! The world is ever changing and we discuss our opinions on the ever changing world and the "Need" To have a degree or not have a degree. This is an open conversation and we hope you enjoy! — Support this podcast:
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Hey everyone!!! As most of you know I am getting Married next year!!! However, it is never to early to take care of yourself!!!

Smile brillant 3

I began whiting my teeth with Smile Brilliant!


It is super unique and not like any other teeth whiting kit. You first create a mold of your teeth with the Catalyst and Base.


Mix the two together, it brings you back to the preschool days when you used to mix all the play-dough colors together haha.


I look so gross but I do not think you are supposed to look cute while doing this haha I used to have braces for 6 years and always remember doing this at the dentist haha. Anyways you will just put the tray in your mouth I took turns doing the top and the bottom and put the 3 min time watch on so you know when you are done.


After 3 mins or 6 mins all together you are done and Smile Brilliant provides you an envelope and postage for you to send your molds to get your custom fitted whitening trays created and shipped back to you so you can begin WHITENING!!!!


Smile Brilliant offers you loads of whitening and desensitizing gels. Each syringe can be used 3 times as you only need a small layer on each tray.

You can whiten your teeth for 45 mins – 3 hours at a time! Then desensitize for 20 mins. Tooth sensitivity is common with whitening, so this is recommended!


This is only after one use and I only did it for an hour!!! I will keep you updated on my teeth whitening journey on my Instagram @jaraandrea

Also, check out more teeth whitening results from using Smile Brilliant!

I would recommend this teeth whitening kit to anyone and everyone!



USE CODE: andreamjara FOR 15% OFF YOUR KIT!!!

Home Teeth Whitening


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Ryan and I drove 2 and half hours to DISNEY!!! After 6 months we are finally back at our HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!IMG_1621

We decided to become annual Pass holders!!! We bought the Weekday annual for $114 and $14 a month so we can now come any weekday of the year! Which means after 2 visits you get your money worth and you get free parking which is normally $20! and discounts on almost everything you buy in the park!!!

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We stayed in Orlando for two days so we decided to go to Magic Kingdom FIRST!

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When you get to Magic Kingdom, you have to park at the transportation center where you can take a Ferry or the Monorail! We obviously took the Monorail because it gives the prettiest views even though I am kinda scared of it lol

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I have never been to Disney during the Fall time but BOY OH BOY IS IT BEAUTIFUL!!! They decorate the park so well which is amazing considering how Florida does not get season, BUT disney helps get ride of that seasonal FOMO.

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Ryan and I walked around Magic Kingdom and rode all the rides before we went to our friends house to go to sleep and wake up at 7am to be at Animal Kingdom for the opening!

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Ryan and I ate at Animal Kingdom’s Rainforest cafe at 8:30am and had waffles which were BOMB! We ate them super quick however, because the park opened at 9am and we wanted to see if we could bet the line to the flight of passage ride in Pandora!

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SO… It is 9:05am and we are in the park like the park just opened and the line for the PANDORA FLIGHT OF PASSAGE WAS OVER 3 HOURS LONG (I think it could have been 4 hours +) Ryan and I saw the line and was like nope we will come back LOL so we keep walking and realized the other new Pandora ride Na’vi River Ride was only 30 mins long! So we jumped right into the line and rode the ride! IMG_1675

Sorry for the blurry picture but this ride was so aesthetic pleasing!!! If you’ve been on it’s a small world it is smiler to that ride as you are on a boat and you ride around a river looking at beautiful colorful scenery! It is really pretty and calm!!! IMG_1693IMG_1715IMG_1704  After the river ride we decided to get all the other rides in Animal Kingdom done before we waited for the Flight of Passage ride! We first went of the Safari where we saw a bunch of animals and even got super close to some as they walked across the roads! IMG_1774IMG_1748

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We then just walked around and went on every single ride including one of our favorite rollercoaster Mount Everest! Check out my Instagram @jaraandrea I made a funny joke under this photo haha! IMG_1853IMG_1851

Ryan and I knew we were going to be waiting 2 and a half hours so we grab our lunch to bring into the line and eat while we wait rather than waste time not in line! IMG_1843


The line for Flight of Passage begins outside where you get to see so many beautiful scenery!!! Honestly, the whole wait for this ride is so worth it there is something new to see every turn you make! IMG_1881IMG_1882IMG_1884IMG_1888IMG_1892IMG_1897IMG_1904IMG_1909

Also my camera died so I had to use my iPhone camera so the quality is not that good in low lighting! but here are some more views of what you see while waiting in line!!! IT IS SO COOL!!! BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW COOL THE RIDE IS!!!! So yes the line is super cool! You then get split up into groups of 16 and go into separate rooms where you are scanned to become an avatar and find out what avatar you are!!! You then leave the room and go in front of a screen where you talk to the boss lady and she tells you how this flight is going to go! You then walk into a room where there is what looks like cycling bikes where you sit like a bike and then back harness comes up behind your legs and lower back strapping you in! The little screen under you scans you in and your avatar is locked in and you are ready to ride a Banshee!!! WHEN I SAY I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A RIDE LIKE THIS I MEAN IT!!! IT IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!! You are looking at the screen under you on the bike and then it gets super dark and these white dots come out as if you were dizzy and BOMB A HUGE SCREEN APPEARS OUT OF NO WHERE!!!! YOU THEN FEEL THE WIND!!! SMELL THE GRASS, WATER, SCENTS!!! You feel as if you are actually going upside down and making turns and the bike thing you are on massages and blows air on you to feel all the little details you need to actually feeling like for those 7 mins that you are an Avatar riding a BANSHEE!!! I 110% THINK EVERYONE SHOULD RIDE THIS RIDE!!! I had a little girl next to me screaming the whole time of joy and as soon as it ended she keep saying again! again!!! and we talked about how cool the ride was after!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read about our Disney trip!!!



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