Hey everyone, it is Thursday!!! We are almost done with the work week!!! You can do it! So I know a lot of people do not know I have 3 small tattoos and I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old! They each have their own stories and I can not wait to tell you them, so here it goes! Also I know a lot of people are against tattoos but I think about them as motivation and stories that live forever.

IMG_1884 2

This was my first tattoo I got when I was 18 years old and my most treasured tattoo. This tattoo is for 3 of the greatest women in my life. It is made up of three ribbons that make a triple infinity ring. The purple ribbon is for my Aunt who passed away from Lupus. I always knew I would get a tattoo for her. The blue ribbon is for my mom who has NF2 and the pink ribbon is for Ryan’s mom who is now a Breast Cancer survivor for 2 years now! They are three of the strongest women ever and I truly wanted to honor them and remind my self to stay strong like them. This tattoo is located on my right back shoulder.IMG_1437 This is my second tattoo! You can watch me get it HERE I love this tattoo and the location so much!!! If you do not know I used to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks really bad since I was 9 years old I now know more on how to control it but It got really bad to the point where I would not want to leave my house in fear that I would die. I just had the mentality that I was just scared of everything because it might kill me. I had a break where my anxiety got better but in 2013 I had a panic attack on airplane on my way to NYC and told my self and my family that I would never get on another airplane ever again. However, I got help and I realized that I can not stop doing something because of my “What ifs” and “fears” and got on another airplane and flew across the pond and has not stopped traveling and flying since my panic attack. I even jumped out of airplane!!!! (Skydiving vlog HERE) So a few months after a summer of travel I decided I wanted to get this tattoo for myself and did not tell anyone and surprised everyone!!! IMG_2456.jpg

I also love my third tattoo with my favorite person my mommy!!! I always knew I wanted to get a matching tattoo of with my mom or get her handwriting and the word “breath” tattoo on me. My mom then saw someone do something like this on Instagram and wanted to get it asap but we add a twist on this and got it done. I drew my mom’s heart and she drew my heart and we both have each others hand written hearts on each other! I love my mom and love my heart! Even though I made her redraw her first heart she drew because it looked like a butt LOL

Hope you enjoyed the read and let me know if you have any tattoo stories!!!

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