Was Disney World Safe? Post Covid-19 Reopening

People who were not wearing masks in picture took it off just for a photo and right back on.. which I do not know if allowed but they were a safe distance.

Today I had the pleasure of attending the cast member previews with my best friend and her boyfriend! Now listen, I am the worlds biggest worrier EVER! I am terrified of everything but I told my self I will not say no to any opportunity that came my way and within two hours I had to decide to go to Orlando and go to MK for the day or wish I would of said Yes and stayed home. So I researched how safe it would be and let me say, experiencing it confirmed what was said was going to happen was true because I felt extremely safe and here’s why…

So again this was cast members only and very limited amount were allowed in, they had to reserve a spot in order to get into the park. So the park was extremely quiet! All the rides had little or no wait time!

So before you enter the park you must get your temperature scanned and cleared. You then go into security, which are Metal detectors, and when entering them you do not remove your bags, just walk through it with everything on you.

Every cast member is wearing a mask and face shield as well! Also every entrance and exit of a ride, restaurant, etc. had a hand sanitizer dispenser and/or a hand washing station throughout the park.

They were sanitizing rides and social distancing everywhere! Including parking!!! No cars can park next to each other at the same time so families can keep their distance. Also trams are not working so plan to walk a little bit! They had tape everywhere to allow distance. Also rides were empty allowing one party per car. For example splash mountain, space mountain etc. we had our own log! On the Buzz lightyear ride, there was no one 10 cars in front of us and no one behind us for a mile! Haunted mansion, they are not doing the room experience and are doing every other car and stopping to sanitize. The park was completely distant from each other and also only allowing a certain amount of people into stores at a certain amount of time with one entrance and one exit.

They are also social distancing with the monorails and have a shield in between the cars, along with ride lines, they also have plastic shield to separate the lines.

Shield is seen behind me!

In order to eat, you must order your food through the My disney experience app and then you will get a notification on when your food is ready. You then go to the station and pick up the food and go to a social distanced table inside or outside the restaurant. They are also limiting the number of guests and watching to make sure you have your mask on. Only allowing people to take their masks off when food is present.

Now the mask! I for sure thought I was going to be extremely uncomfortable wearing a mask in Florida especially during the summer. But I’m not going to lie… it really was not that bad!!! I think the excitement of being in the park took my mind off my face. But I wore a heavy mask and didn’t feel uncomfortable once.

I was extremely impressed with Disney. I know this was only cast members and there was a super low amount of people but I was extremely impressed and didn’t get near anyone and didn’t feel like I put myself or others in danger. Which is extremely impressive if I feel like this because again if you know me I’m the worlds biggest worrier about anything and everything! I honestly felt more in danger going to Walmart and target than I did today at Disney.

In my opinion, have fun, be safe, stay hydrated, put on a cute mask and follow the guidelines to have fun!

So grateful my bff invited me for a day of magic! Hope this helps you if you plan on going to Disney Post Covid! If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask!

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